A great talk by Martens Mickos, former CEO of MySQL AB and now CEO of Eucalyptus Systems, in 2013 about the few OpenSource-Business models that actually work and the principles behind it.

I especially would like to quote:

“When you run on Amazon, you run on your credit card and when you run on Eucalyptus you run on your servers.” And smart people want a choice of where they run.


If you are aiming to become a successful, profitable, fantastic open source company you must know that there can be software coming out of end user organizations that will affect your business. In good or bad.

but not least

There are always people who will spend any amount of time to save money, and there are other people who will spend money in order to save time.

Typically in your life, or in the life of a company, you go from one to the other.

Go, watch it yourself at heavybit library.