You might have heard about “Campus Party” already. That one-week Tech event that is going to take place on Tempelhofer Feld in Berlin in August. Well, they try to bring together 10k Developers and Tech Enthusiasts from all over Europe there and though the setup isn’t clear yet, they’ve already sold half of those tickets. Might be related to the fact that the organizers have been doing this event every year since 1997 all over the World, from Sao Paulo (Brazil) over Mexico City and last year in Madrid and are well know for high quality on their workshops, hackathons, competitions and keynotes.

So this year, they are going to take over Tempelhof airport from 21-26 of August and provide 600 hours of activities in 16 different content areas for the participants of the 27 EU countries. As one of those stages is going to be about entrepreneurship, I was asked whether I could help them organize that area. Of course I volunteered and am now officially the “Ambassador of Campus Party for the Entrepreneur Stage” - whooo. So if you have any question about the CampusParty or have anything interesting to contribute for the Entrepreneurship stage or know someone you would recommend, let me know. The stage still has room for more awesomeness of the Berlin Startup Scene.

I am really looking forward to bring in my contacts and help create the best stage with the greatest entrepreneurship content there.