Though I enjoyed talking about everyday life in Barcelona and there is also plenty of stuff to talk about in German daily life, I want to focus this blog on what I call Tech Product Creation - the artsy craft of taking technology, bundle it into a product and ship that so that people can actually benefit from this. As I do consider the most innovate and best working way to do this is via the Lean-Startup-Methods and require - to a certain extend - entrepreneurship, those topics as well as the startup scene in my current home town Berlin are also part of my blog. Of course this is totally biased and subjective.

Even with the relaunch today, you’ll already find plenty of content on this blog. Parts of them are cross-posts I imported from my old blog, other blogs and publications I did (like My View on the German Tech Startup Job Market, The Article on Copycats and Deutsche Doggen or Should I care about Location Based Services?).

Others are simply things I wrote down but didn’t publish until now because I was missing the right format, some I actually wrote shortly before relaunched but posted back to the time I was thinking about and actually should have written them down (e.G. my post about privacy in the cloud, Usability goes beyond Design or my Insight Tips on how to choose an Investor ).

So make sure to check the archive for posts you might have missed and don’t forget to follow the corresponding twitter account to stay up to date on these topics.

Or short, with the words of Bender Bending Rodriguez: