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When we relaunched AreWeWebYet about three weeks ago, we made the bold claim that “you can build stuff” for the web with rust. Of course it didn’t take long before people asked: but what for example? And we found there aren’t really many well documented, real-world rust-web-projects out there for others to learn from – until today.

Annoucing: Clippy Service

Clippy Service

Clippy is a rust compiler plugin, which automatically checks your code for common errors and bad style – commonly known as a linter. Unfortunately setting it up requires latest nightly features and integrating it isn’t the easiest task at the moment – until now. Clippy Service offers to check out your github project and run clippy against it without any changes on your side. Once done, it awards you with a neat little badge you can put into your Readme and link to the extended logs:

Clippy Linting Result – Always live!

Of course it features a nice website on the front, allowing you to easily configure the badge and get the rendered output for a range of different text renderer (Markdown, AsciiDoc, etc.).

Annotated Source Code

But more than just the real world service that it, Clippy is also meant as an extensive example and learning project. As such it ships – and advertises with on the homepage directly – a completely annotated source code and online viewer – Whaaaaaat!!

Further more, the documentation index also gives links to various interesting features and how they are implemented, as well as gives you one-click access to the Vagrant, Docker and Travis Configuration files to reuse and learn from. And there are some nice features indeed: Redis, Sub-Processing with Output Parsing, Unicode Emojis and in-Memory-Unzipping.

Check it out: clippy.bashy.io