Sorry for being so quiet the last few weeks and month. Aside from organising the Berlin PreDevCamp I have also been very busy writing an article about WebOS-Development for a major german Developer Magazin. But that is over for now - as I am really proud to announce, that my article “Mashup in der Hosentasche” got published in this months issue. It features a hands-on work through of setting up the development environment and get your first app developed: a mashup pulling in the weather information and publishing it on live google maps canvas.

I think it is a great use case showing how incredibly this platform is in its potential: using web technologies to develop mobile applications allows to do exactly those kinds of mashup services we love so much of the web. Interested in learning more about? Well, go out and buy the current issue, you’ll find my article on page 105ff - and you can download the full source here (under: “Quellcodes”, look for my name).

SneakPeak: the resulting map