Disclaimer: I published this Post originally over at our Company Blog of Club der Beschleuniger eG. You can find the original of this cross-post here.

Last week I presented “Club der Beschleuniger eG” in public for the first time at the Usability- and Designer user group upfront in Berlin. I didn’t want to do just another “this is my startup and we do this and that”-kinda slide-show-presentation. Not only because they suck but also because we are too different - I never refer to the company as a “startup” in the first place. Instead I presented a little poem I had created right after we founded, explaining the reasons that got me there. So that current and future members of our company known what the goal behind the company is. And well, as it was a designer user group I also created something visually appealing.

So, without any further introduction I present to you the re-recording I did for techberlin.com:

and the live recording of the event. So that you can get a feeling about the atmosphere there. And as a prove I really did present it in front of other people:

I’d be happy to know what you think of it - just leave a comment.