Entrepreneurship is the craft of getting things done, no matter what. Because you want to scratch an itch, make a dent in the universe or are a perfectionist and can stand this thing being so broken, you want to make it happen. There is an internal drive that with every day without progress drives you mad until you get sick to your stomach. So when those wannabe entrepreneurs approach me, saying “I’m a tech entrepreneur, I have this great idea and am looking for the last couple of month for someone, who codes it for me” (as a CTO for free), I want to start crying. If you are fine looking for someone to do stuff for you, without making any actual progress, you are not an Entrepreneur. Done.

As said an entrepreneur wants progress. Everything else than progress makes them sick. And conception stuff, making presentations and pitch to people, is only very little progress on your goal. Every entrepreneur knows that and can’t stand it for to long without throwing up. If there is no progress for too long, the entrepreneur changes course and tries something else. Because it is about fixing the problem. And if that problem requires technical skills, but there is not tech person around, what does an entrepreneur do? Put the hands on the lap and twirls theirs thumbs? For sure not.

An entrepreneur driven by a higher goal is willing to get into the mud and do what ever is necessary. And if that means fill the role of the CFO, CPO, CMO or CTO, it means learning skills they do not have. For sure the results won’t be as amazing as if there was someone highly skilled dedicated on doing that - but it is progress in that field. And whatever fields needs most attention at a time is where the entrepreneur is. Because there are never enough resources to get everything done in the way it needs to be done.

And with this lack of developers in the market, going out there, saying you had a tech company or a business building the next facebook but not even have one line of code because you are looking for a CTO for three month, you are not an entrepreneur. You wouldn’t be able to stand this still-stand. You would be in the the iOS-Tutorials and build a darn prototype instead of speaking with me. Because you know a tech person is much easier to convince when there is something more than just an idea and some scribbles. And though you probably won’t never become a Linus Torvalds, you are able to acquire the skills needed to get closer to your goal because you really want to.

So, stop calling yourself an Entrepreneur in the Tech-Field, if you are unable to get a prototype ready. Unless you have that prototype you actually have nothing. And if you want it badly enough - which as an entrepreneur you do - you end up doing it yourself at the beginning.