I recently published my projections for this year as being rather boring than interesting for the Berlin startup scene. Looking at these numbers it is pretty obvious, the startup hype in Berlin was just exactly that: a hype. But does that mean the hype is over? Yes! And no! On one side because investors, as well as mass media will continue with reciting the tale of Soundcloud and Wunderkinder. Even though, tech-wise, the scene will consolidate even further, Berlin has by far the best chances to become the startup center Europe has been craving for for so long.

Which is exactly what will keep the hype alive. Hypes die because another hype takes over. But for the startup ecosystem, there is no hype in sight. With the continuous attention that entrepreneurship gains here, where else should they move? No, the Berlin Startup Hype is alive and well – and its only chance, too. By keeping the hype alive, you create the illusion that it is easier here than somewhere else with your startup and that attracts talent. And if you just attracted enough talent – so goes the tale – you’ll find the gem in the haystack (and a blind chicken apparently). Meaning: a hype, if just sustained long enough and not overtaken by another one becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The question is just, what hype will it be? The numbers suggest, it will become highly attractive for MBA, Marketing and Sales people in the foreseeable future. But if Berlin itself continues its growth in the tech and software developers sector, this MBA-Trend might just be a short-time hickup.

For the picture, the thanks goes to Beyond Neon for publishing it under CC-SA.