ĐApp Book - 
A primer to decentributed Web App Development


A primer to decentributed Web App Development

Work in Progess. Expected: Mid-2017

This book will introduce you to building decentralized Web Application Development. As a practical guide this eBook compares multiple current platforms on the robustness of their decentralization architecture as well as their higher-level provided tooling, before going into trying them by building and publishing real world applications today.

Among others, we'll look into

  • IPFS, the SAFE Network, Ethereum's SWARM, Secure Scuttlebot
  • Decentribution Theory and praxis
  • Networking and the XOR-Namespace
  • Security, Reliability and Encryption
  • Publishing a Webiste
  • Building complex (social) Apps
  • Mobile and Offline-First

Work in Progress, 2017 under Creative Commons License