Just the other day I was walking to my to work and I saw this grafiti. It was about how systems though seemingly make things easier surround us as some form of cage at the same time. It was brilliant and smart, going to core of the (very systemitical driven) German Society. It takes quite a mind und clever usage of it to even see this problem. And reading that was really inspiring, it opened my mind and got me thinking.

This happens in Berlin on a daily basis. Everywhere is grafiti, Arts and Music and also history. And while some find that history is mostly about preserving and pulls you in, in Berlin with the combination it is about challange. Not only the challange of keeping it alive, but also about questioning what was going on. Randomly at a very historical place, you’ll find a metal figure, crafted from junk iron, trying to run away but being chained to something. What a picture.

And it gets you thinking. What we should be learning from history is to challange status quo. Which is the core of modern arts, challanging the status quo, showing society the mirror. Which is also the core of real entrepreneurship: seeing a problem and not being willing to ignore it. But while the means of many artists is to create something to get this into discussion or express it, entrepreneurs buckle down and use their time to fix it. Still, its roots entrepreurship has in the artists scene.

Even more than that, artists always come to places that are cheap and create an amazing atmosphere of change and the new. The same things entrepreneurs need, saving every dollar and look for a fruitfull place to find companions and team members. That is why entrepreneurship so often follow the art scene in a city. They have the same roots in spirit, their means of what to do with that knowledge are just different.

On top, even if your startup is doing good, as a real entrepreneur you question your every move and where things are going constantly. That challanges you and your project to actuall accell. The worst thing for a startup is to come to rest. And in a place like Berlin this is barely possible.