End of Last Month, CampusParty came into town: for almost a full week at the end of August a few thousand developers, hackers, students and tech enthusiast took over Tempelhof Airport and made a big tech party. I wasn’t only involved as the Ambassador for the Entrepreneurship stage but also co-organised an open workshop area with my fellow OpenTechSchool people: in just four days, we made over 35 workshops on more than 20 topics and coached way beyond 150 people. All with volunteers and without a penny. Okay, given, we had a transparent made, sponsored by the great CampusParty Team.

And not only for that but for the whole Organisation I’d like to thank the Berlin Content Team. It was great working with you. A special thanks goes out to Janet Morales, who organised the Entrepreneurship stage and created an amazing setup there. It was a pleasure working with you on this and I am very proud of what we (but mostly you) created there. I think many of the participants really could take something from this.

Secondly a big thank you goes to the Head of Content, Lisa Lang, who helped us with the OpenTechSchool in very uncomplicated fashions. I am super grateful for everything you did for us there and also appreciate you lead European Commissioner for the Digital Agenda, Neelie Kroes, by our set up. It was great talking with her about this. Many, thanks.

Neelie Kroes tweet

And of course my thanks go to the rest of the Team. Sorry if I didn’t get to know many of you better, but your work seriously is tremendous. Thanks for bringing this awesome event to Berlin, I really enjoyed it. And even more thanks to the OpenTechSchool Team, especially Gio and Stephan, who organised the whole schedule and that huge amount of coaches and were of so much help on side.

Just: thanks, everybody. It was an amazing experience.